HardwareTransWorks provides specialised high-end network service to major telecommunication companies and ISPs. We have platform testers to provide a high level of end-to-end network testing.

Listed below are descriptions of some of the instruments we use:

Optical Spectrum Analyser

Our spectrum analyser examines the spectral composition of optical waveforms to determine occupied bandwidth and track interference sources. This allows us to test for any attenuation or dispersion that is impacting on performance.
This will provide end-to-end testing of dark fibres to give the customer the fibre bandwidth capabilities.

Uses include:

  • testing of dark fibre path over a long distance for end-to-end losses and optical bandwidth
  • FTTx testing

SDH/ IP Platform Tester

We have a platform tester that allows us to test:

  • DWDM systems
  • PDH/T-Carrier and SDH/SONET (up to STM-64)
  • Ethernet (up to 10 GipE) at layers 1,2 or 3.

BER Testers

BER testers are stand-alone specialised instruments for testing transmission links. They have a test pattern generator and a receiver that can be set to the same pattern. We can test end-to-end or test singularly with a loopback.


An OTDR is an instrument used to verify optical fibre circuit length and attenuation, including splice and connector losses. This helps to locate faults, such as breaks, in single mode optical fibre up to 40km in length.

Fusion Splicer

We have a number of fusion splicers to provide all your fibre inter-
connections. This fusion jointing can be completed on both single and multi-mode (OM1/3) fibres. We supply all fibre pigtail connection types.

Copper Interconnections

We have capabilities to install and test CAT5/6 copper networks.

Optical Scope

We use optical scopes to inspect optical connectors for damage or contamination and verify performance after cleaning.

Optical Testers

We use optical meters to:

  • test output levels of equipment
  • test end-to-end optical levels of systems at different wave lengths 850 - 1550 nm

We have variable optical attenuators allowing us to test equipment performance.