TransWorks is structured along the following lines:

Planning & Design: our designers have an extensive knowledge of all the major telco networks operating in NZ.  This area is managed by Barry Chatterton.

Account Management: keeping our customers happy is extremely important to us and we have a number of key managers working closely with our customers to ensure we meet their needs.  The account management areas are managed by Dave Nicholas, Graham Paniora and John Teina.

New Networks: telecommuniation technology is continually updating and we have a team dedicated to installing and commissioning new equipment.  This area is managed by Jim MacDiarmid.

Support Staff: we have a team of support staff to manage the financial side of the business and to support the delivery areas.  This area is managed by Susan Dowie.

These managers make up our Senior Team led by Paul Vandermeer.

Our field force includes:

  • telecommunication technicians
  • electricians
  • builders
  • IT specialists

 Some of our team: