TransWorks offers specialist advice and a range of services that can be tailored to meet the individual requirements of your business. Whether you have a stand-alone project or require extra resources to cope with peaks over a longer period, we deliver.


TransWorks provides expert advice on all your telco network needs. Through our extensive knowledge of current networks and an understanding of your business objectives, we will deliver an optimum solution. Companies have contracted us to give them advice on:

  • the reliability of their current network
  • risk assessment and mitigation plans
  • ways in which current equipment can be rearranged to improve performance
  • audits of networks
  • the type of network equipment that would best suit their needs, both now and in the future
  • costings for network solutions

Whether you are an ISP, a company wanting to improve your network or a large telco, we have the in-house expertise to help your business.

Transmission Network Planning, Design and Installations

TransWorks has a very experienced design team that has in-depth knowledge of the major telco networks in New Zealand. We work extensively with Spark, Chorus and Vodafone and know their processes. Our experience means that we are experts in both the legacy and the latest telco equipment. High level planning of new and existing networks is our specialty.  We can maximise efficiencies in an existing network by grooming the current equipment.  Advantages include reduced power costs, a freeing up of footprints for new installations and a reduced need for new MDF Verticals.

The design process includes:

  • Develop solution
  • Write installation specifications
  • Sourcing of materials
  • Detailed sign-off documentation and commissioning results

We are also experienced in developing methodologies and writing detailed documentation for installation of network technology.

Core Network Infrastructure Build

TransWorks has a team of highly qualified and experienced telecommunication technicians. We build new network infrastructure, supply and/or install telco equipment and associated power supplies/connections and commission the equipment ready for use.

Project Management

TransWorks have experienced project managers that develop detailed project plans to ensure that projects are completed to the specified standards and on time. We have templates and checklists to make sure that all requirements are met. We have completed numerous turnkey projects from the initial planning, solution design, build of infrastructure, installation of telco equipment and associated power supplies/connections to the final sign-off.  Most of our project managers are PRINCE II certified.

Fibre Testing

With the increased demands of broadband technology, fibres must meet more exacting performance requirements.  TransWorks has the tools and the expertise to test fibres; these tests include fibre characterization.  Fibre Characterization is the process of carrying out a comprehensive suite of tests that fully assess the capabilities of a fibre infrastructure.  These include tests for:

  • Chromatic Dispersion
  • Polarization Mode Dispersion
  • Attenuation Profile 

Comprehensive fibre characterization can take the uncertainty out of purchasing dark fibre so that systems can be deployed with confidence.

Electrical Installations

TransWorks have electricians experienced in all facets of telecommunication infrastructure.  Commom projects involve: 200 amp DC, End of Row Boards, 230V AC lighting, 230V distribution and UPS systems.